10th Jubilee International Conference “International Dialogue: EAST-WEST” was held at the International Slavic University in Sveti Nikole

The philosophical dialogue “East-West” ended in Ohrid
8 October 2018
The Fifth International Philosophical Dialogue continued in Bitola
3 October 2019

The 10th Jubilee International Conference “International Dialogue: EAST-WEST” was held at the International Slavic University “G.R. Derzhavin” in Sveti Nikole, which has been organized in joint organization with the Tambov State University from Russia. We aim to jointly contribute to the development of scientific thought, to inspire exchange of ideas and experiences among the participating countries at the conference, to stimulate and motivate the scientific and research activities by organizing this scientific conference.

All the papers of the participants will be published in the scientific journal “International Dialogue: East-West”, published by the official publishing house of the University, International Centre for Slavic Education (ICSE) -Sveti Nikole. The working session of the conference was organized in working sections, and covered the following areas:

  • Law and Political Science
  • Economics
  • Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Philosophy, Linguistics and Culture Studies
  • Safety Engineering and Computer Science

The Conference “International Dialogue: East -West” was held for the first time in 2010 in Sveti Nikole.  On our web site konferencii.msu.edu.mk information about all conferences that have been  held since 2010 are attached and it can be noticed that anan increasing number of participants took part in the Conference “International Dialogue EAST-WEST” over the years. Over 160 papers from more than 200 scientists from over 20 countries around the world arrived at the conference.

At the conference in Sveti Nikole, scientists from private and state universities in the Republic of North Macedonia, but also from other universities, outside the country presented their papers:

  1. Tambov State University “G, R. Derzhavin” from Tambov, Russia
  2. Lipetsk Pedagogical State University from Lipetsk, Russia
  3. North-Caucasus Federal University in Pyatigorsk, Russia
  4. Technical University of Gabrovo
  5. St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  6. Pan-EuropeanUniversity APEIRON, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  7. University “VITEZ”, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  8. University of Vienna, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Political Science, Vienna, Austria
  9. “Kadri Zeka” University of Gjilan, Kosovo
  10. Faculty of Philosophy, University of Nis, Serbia
  11. University of Prizren, Kosovo

Organizing Committee:

  • President: Jordan Gjorchev, PhD, Republic of North Macedonia
  • Vice President: Stromov Vladimir Yurevich, PhD, Russia
  • Borche Serafimovski, MSc, Republic of North Macedonia

Editors Committee:

  • Prof. Dushan Nikolovski, PhD, Republic of North Macedonia
  • Asst. Prof. Aleksandar Ilievski, PhD, Republic of North Macedonia
  • Prof. Miroslav Krstic, PhD, Serbia
  • Prof. Momcilo Simonovic, PhD, Serbia
  • Prof. Todor Galunov, PhD, Serbia
  • Prof. Daniela Tasevska, PhD, Bulgaria
  • Asst. Prof. Hadjib Salkic, PhD, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Tatyana Osadchaya, PhD, Russia
  • Asst. Prof. Vera Shunaeva, PhD, Russia

Technical Manager of the Conference:

Milena Spasovska, MSc