International Dialogue – 2017

International dialogue: East-West 2017
eighth international scientific conference

Date: 28 and 29 April 2017
Place: International Slavic University “G. R. Derzhavin” – Sveti Nikole

ISSN print: 1857-9299
ISSN online: 1857-9302

Scientific Journals:

  1. Economy, Security engineering, Architecture and design, Informatics, Ecology.pdf
  2. Law and Political Science.pdf
  3. Philosophy, Linguistics and Culture.pdf
  4. Psychology, Education, Medicine.pdf

Organizational Committee:

President: PhD Jordan Gjorcev, Macedonia
Vice President:
PhD Stromov Vladimir Yurevich, Russia
MSc Borche Serafimovski, Macedonia

Editors Committee:

PhD Dushan Nikolovski, Macedonia
PhD Aleksandar Ilievski, Macedonia
PhD Miroslav Krstic, Serbia
Phd Momcilo Simonovic, Serbia
PhD Todor Galunov, Bulgaria
PhD Daniela Tasevska, Bulgaria
PhD Hadjib Salkic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
PhD Tatyana Osadchaya, Russia
PhD Vera Shunaeva, Russia

Main Topics:

Law and Political Science:

  1. Theory and History of the State and Law, Constitutional Law
  2. Civil Law, Civil and Arbitration Process
  3. Criminal Law and Procedure
  4. International Relations and World Politics
  5. Political Institutions, Processes and Technologies
  6. Administrative Law and Public Administration
  7. International Public Law, EU Law and Diplomacy
  8. Finance and Business Law
  9. Man and Society: Civil Society In Post-Socialist Countries
  10. From the Governing Political Parties Towards the Projects of the Political Parties: Party Systems in Post-Socialist Countries
  11. Conflicts of Interest: Political and Military Conflicts in the Post-Socialist Area
  12. New Global Realignment – Spheres of Interest and Geopolitical Doctrine In the World
  13. Polarization and Crisis as Strategies that Encourages Terrorism
  14. The New World Order as a Strategic Perspective and a Critical Writing of History
  15. European Union, the East-West Polarization and Governance in Times of Change


  1. Changes in the environment and economic efficiency in companies in Macedonia
  2. Global economy and new economic and political perspectives
  3. Changes and impacts on the labor market in crediting
  4. New fiscal and global trends for economic stability
  5. The agenda of human resource management and migrant movements
  6. International character of change and building sustainable economic development
  7. Financial institutions and new global trends in credit policy
  8. New practices in accounting and auditing in electronic businesses
  9. Modern marketing challenges in market economy
  10. New content of marketing trends in social and digital media
  11. Modern economy through the lens of new economic and political developments
  12. Socio-economic problems of modern society and ways of their settlement
  13. Information technologies in economy and business
  14. Theoretical and applied aspects of international collaboration of Russia and Macedonia
  15. Organizational design and concept of development

Psychology and education:

  1. Cross-cultural dimensions of mental disorders and integration processes of the majority and minority in ethnically mixed communities
  2. Psychological aspects of incurable diseases
  3. Anxiety, depression and risk of suicide among young people – reasons, treatment and prevention
  4. Exposure to violence of vulnerable groups in different life cycles: prevalence, risks and consequences
  5. LGBT parenting – same-sex parents and their children
  6. From vulnerability to resilience – psychotherapeutic approaches
  7. Positive psychology for better quality of life
  8. Modern trend in organizational psychology
  9. Multidisciplinary approach in working with children with special needs
  10. The role of the school and other educational factors that influence the formation of value systems and moral development to gifted children
  11. Modernization of education versus traditional education models
  12. Stereotypes in media and their impact of construction and understanding of the socio-cultural reality
  13. Social perception and elements of socio-cultural construction of women
  14. Professional development of adolescents, difficulties in professional decisions making, adaptability and career construction
  15. Application of cognitive learning styles in creative students in the teaching process

Philosophy, Linguistics and Culture:

  1. Culture, identity (cultural, transcultural, multicultural) and values
  2. Philosophy and society
  3. Philosophy, culture and shaping the view of the world
  4. Ethics and history of philosophy – tradition, memory, identity
  5. General and individual through interpretation and understanding of literature and creativity
  6. Interculturalism and philosophy of language
  7. Language and languages: linguistic universalism versus linguistic relativism
  8. The language and the constitution of meaning in cultural and social processes
  9. Language and interpretation: hermeneutical perspective in philosophy and literature
  10. Dialogism, intertextuality and literature
  11. Language, culture and activity of translation
  12. Plurilinguism and contemporary language politics
  13. Modern lingua-cultural tendencies
  14. Humanism as a target of literary and artistic creation
  15. Comparative analysis of the culture of cities in Macedonia

Security engineering, architecture and design, informatics:

  1. Algorithms and Bioinformatics
  2. Geographical Information Systems
  3. Information and Communications Technologies – the basis for introducing substantial changes in the processes of education and training
  4. Theoretical Computer Science
  5. Technical and technological factors of safety at work and fire safety
  6. Economic essence of safety at work
  7. The implementation of EU directives in the field of work safety and fire safety
  8. Legal forms for the security of occupational health and fire safety
  9. Ergonomic protective factors
  10. Safety management system for occupational health
  11. Medical, social and psychological aspects of health and safety at work
  12. History of architecture, architectural monuments
  13. Current problems of modern architecture and design
  14. Perspectives of architecture
  15. Theoretical aspects of architectural design work

Medicine and ecology:

  1. Medical-social aspects of prevention of the most common non-epidemic diseases
  2. Prevention of diseases that have major socio-economic importance and cause significant economic losses and social distortions
  3. The significance of primary prevention in order to prevent diseases
  4. Education of the population, especially young people, about the techniques of leading a healthy life
  5. Impact of genetically modified food on human health
  6. Modern alternative medicine
  7. Immunization of the population: situation, challenges and priorities
  8. The aging of the population – a challenge for public health
  9. Human health as an environmental problem
  10. Health in macro and micro ecosystems
  11. Ecological management of medical waste
  12. Green technologies as a factor of sustainable development in modern society
  13. The role of science and education in the formation of new environmental ethics in society
  14. Social and environmental problems of modern society
  15. Health safety of water, food and dietary products