International Dialogue – 2014

International Dialogue: East-West 2014
fifth international scientific conference

Date: 25 and 26 April 2014
Location: International Slavic University “G. R. Derzhavin” – Sveti Nikole
Number of participants: 203
Number of articles: 126
Countries: Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia and Kazakhstan
ISSN print: 1857-9299
ISSN online: 1857-9302

Scientific Journal:

  1. Scientific Journal No.5.pdf 

Organizational Committee:

President: PhD Jordan Gjorcev, Macedonia
Vice President: 
Vladislav M. Yuryev, Russia
PhD Branimic Covic, Serbia
PhD Zdravko Gargarov, Bulgaria
 PhD Dushan Nikolovski, Macedonia
PhD Nina Kovalj, Russia
PhD Larisa Covic, Serbia
MSc Borche Serafimovski, Macedonia

Editors Committee:

PhD Jordan Mihajlovski, Macedonia
PhD Natalia Safonova, Russia
PhD Stojan Przhovski, Macedonia

Main Topics:


  1. Marketing Management and process of globalization: the process, the crossroads, the position and attitude.
  2. Entrepreneurship and contemporary economic trends: institutions, markets, and organizational development
  3. International background of the Macedonian economy: problems, issues and opportunities
  4. Management of human resources and human capital in the society
  5. New knowledge and education in promoting sustainable development of the economy
  6. The challenges of modern management to address risks to the global economy

Politic Science, History, Culture and Linguistics 

  1. The globalization – a challenge and danger for the national cultures
  2. Cultural pluralism: occurrence, conceptual dilemmas and practical implications
  3. The national and international character of culture in the context of globalization
  4. The historical, the common, and the individual in the frames of the culture and the creation
  5. The problem of power and the influence of the leadership over the global politics
  6. The new geostrategic groupings in the world
  7. The word-the literature as aesthetic conquest of the world
  8. The dilemma of integration – which are the advantages and disadvantages for Macedonia with the name change in exchange of negotiation start for EU membership?
  9. Macedonia on the crossroads between theEuro-Atlantic integration and the rest of the world with special emphasis on the cooperation with Russia and China
  10. Security dilemma and geopolitical movements in international relations – concept of a new world order dominated by the influence of the U.S.A. and Russia with better opportunities for world peace
  11. The use of language in the society development
  12. The language as a cultural indicator

Psychology and Pedagogy

  1. Psychology in specialist health care (neurology, gynecology, psychiatry, oncology…)
  2. Primary health care and mental health, prevention, stigma, health culture
  3. Family interventions, research and interdisciplinary cooperation
  4. Healthy lifestyle, psychology and sport
  5. Clinical psychology, interventions and techniques, psychotherapy, counseling
  6. Mass media and mental health
  7. Psychology in professional aims, selection, management…
  8. Religion, spirituality and psychology
  9.  Culture and psychology, psychology in urban and rural areas
  10. The wave of modern concepts of teaching and modification student’s and teacher’s personality
  11. Comparative approach to intellectual education through the prism of traditional and contemporary paradigm of education
  12. Psychological reactions of the external evaluation over the participants in the educational process.
  13. Contemporary role of the professional participants in the schools

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