International Dialogue – 2013

International Dialogue: East-West – 2013
fourth international scientific conference 

Date: 12 and 13 April 2013
Location: International Slavic University “G. R. Derzhavhin” – Sveti Nikole
Number of authors: 231
Numbers of articles: 154
Countries: Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina
ISBN: 978-608-4689-04-1

Scientific Journal:

  1. Scientific Journal No. 4.pdf 

Organizational Commitee:

President: PhD Jordan Gjorcev, Macedonia
Vice President: 
Vladislav M. Yuryev, Russia
PhD Branimic Covic, Serbia
PhD Zdravko Gargarov, Bulgaria
 PhD Dushan Nikolovski, Macedonia
PhD Nina Kovalj, Russia
PhD Larisa Covic, Serbia
MSc Borche Serafimovski, Macedonia

Уредувачки одбор:

PhD Jordan Mihajlovski, Macedonia
PhD Natalia Safonova, Russia
PhD Stojan Przhovski, Macedonia

Main Topics:

Political Science, History, Linguistics and Culture:

  1. Spirituality as a paradigm in cross-cultural communication East-West.
  2. The crisis in the culture of the late XX and the early XXI century, the causes, consequences, and the integrative ways of solving it out.
  3. The Slavic scientific-methodological basis: achievement in science and culture
  4. The Slavic cultural parallels: philosophy, history, language, literature, art
  5. Official and traditional diplomacy – the basis for international integration

Psychology and Pedagogy

  1. The moral as a cultural category
  2. The community and the personality
  3. Interethnic conflicts: yesterday, today and tomorrow
  4. The psychology of the religious groups
  5. Social preconditions of migration
    6. Personality in the social networks
  6. Childhood as an object in science
  7. The older generation and the contemporary world
  8. The education in the contemporary world
  9. Problems in clinical psychology


  1. National economies in the globalization process
  2. Marketing concepts for crisis solution
  3. Establishing a unique and common European economic system
  4. Entrepreneurship in the process of globalization
  5. Economic flows in modern integration processes
  6. Financial management in the market system of doing business.