International Dialogue – 2011

International Dialogue: East-West – 2011
Second International Scientific Conference

Date: 17 and 18 March 2011
Place: International Slavic University “G. R. Derzhavin”, Sveti Nikole
Number of authors: 85
Number of articles: 80
Countries: Macedonia, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria and Serbia
ISBN: 978-608-4559-04-7

Scientific Journal:

  1. Journal No.2.pdf 

Organizational Committee:

President: PhD Jordan Gjorcev, Macedonia
Vice President: PhD Nina Kovalj, Russia
Member: PhD Jovan Damjanovski, Macedonia
Member: PhD Jordan Mihajlovski, Macedonia
Member: PhD Dushan Nikolovski, Macedonia
Member: PhD Natalia Safonova, Russia
Member: PhD Stojan Przhovski, Macedonia
Member: MSc Borche Serafimovski, Macedonia

Editors Committee:

PhD Dushan Nikolovski, Macedonia
PhD Jovan Damjanovski, Macedonia
PhD Stojan Przhovski, Macedonia

Main Topics:

Culture and Slavic relations:

  1.  The Cyril and Methodius tradition – a civilization code of the Slavic people in relation to modernity, Slav revival in the XIX century as part of the great cultural synthesis of the western world civilization.

  2. The spirituality as a paradigm in the intercultural communication East-West

  3. The cultural crisis towards the end XX century and the beginning of XXI century – reasons, consequences and the necessity of a new integrative idea and value in the East-West dialogue
  4. The achievements in science, philosophy and art in the Slavic countries, similarities in the goals and the meanings with the science and views of the western world
  5. The globalization as a vision of a world without borders. The intercultural dialogue East-West, problems and perspectives


  1. The global economic crisis and its influence in the Slavic countries
  2. The economic relations East-West, new economic diplomacy
  3. Energetics and Slavic countries
  4. European Union, integration processes and relations