Main Topics

Law and Political Science

  1. Protection of Personal Data, Information Technology Act
  2. Environmental Law, Right to a Healthy Environment
  3. Democracy and Human Rights
  4. Civil Law and Civil Law Procedure
  5. Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
  6. Administrative Law and Public Administration
  7. International Law as Law of the European Union
  8. Financial Law, Business Law and E-commerce
  9. Politics, Political Relations and Mass Media
  10. Theory and History of State and Law, Constitutional Law


  1. Knowledge Economy and the Development of its Infrastructure
  2. Digital Transformations in Business as a Method for Improving the Competitiveness
  3. Neuromarketing Techniques as New Marketing Tools
  4. Investment Management and Innovations
  5. Bank Credit and Technical Innovations in the Banking System
  6. Competitiveness Analysis and the Sustainable Economic Development
  7. The Process of Change in the Global Economy
  8. The Need and Development of New Accounting Legislation
  9. Basic and Applied Research in E-business Development
  10. Modern Business and Management Strategy Trends for Economic Development

Psychology and Education

  1. Psychology Today
  2. Reflections of the Current Crisis
  3. Quality of Life and Mental Health in the Modern Society
  4. Professionalism and Humanity as Challenges in the Society aimed at Marginalized Groups
  5. Online Therapy and Counseling – Experiences and Practices
  6. Educational Psychology – Current Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
  7. Inclusive Education – Conditions, Policies and Practices
  8. Psychology of marriage, family, partner relationships

Philosophy, Linguistics, Culture

  1. Philosophy and Science in the Contemporary World
  2. Culture, Identity (Cultural, Transcultural, Multicultural), and Values
  3. Philosophy and Media: Current Trends
  4. Philosophy, Culture and Shaping Worldviews
  5. The Mission of the University in the Contemporary Society
  6. Language and Interpreting: A Hermeneutic Approach in Philosophy and Literature
  7. Science, Education and Learning in the Concept of Social Change
  8. Humanism as Goal of Literary and Artistic Creation
  9. Current trends in Linguistics and Culture
  10. Dialogism, Intertextuality and Literary and Artistic Creation

Safety Engineering

  1. Trends in Occupational Safety and Health
  2. Occupational Safety – Management and Trends
  3. Occupational Accidents and Work-related Diseases
  4. Workplace Risk Management
  5. Occupational Safety and Health Standards
  6. Preventive Aspects and a Systematic Review of Experiences within Occupational Safety and Health
  7. Occupational Safety and Health Management
  8. Legal and Economic Aspects in Occupational Safety and Health

Computer Science

  1. Biometrics Research – Neuromarketing and Neuropsychology
  2. Mobile Technologies
  3. KNX technology
  4. Security and Cryptography
  5. Computer Network
  6. Web Design
  7. Computer Graphics
  8. GIS Technologies
  9. Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence
  10. Cybersecurity and Information Technology