Philosophical dialogue – 2018

Organized by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the International Slavic University “G. R. Derzhavin” and the Philosophical Society of Macedonia, The Forth International Philosophical Dialogue was held from October 4th and ended on October 5th 2018. The theme was “Bioethics on crossroad”.

The gathering was attended by twenty prominent world philosophers and scientists in the field of bioethics from 7 countries (Canada, Russia, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia). This was one of the most important scientific gatherings in the country and the region, judging by the quality of the participants.

On October 4th 2018 on the premises of the International Slavic University “G.R. Derzhavin” in Bitola the following work sessions were held. The work sessions ended on October 5th 2018 in The House of Urania in Ohrid.

At the first work session of the symposium, Dejan Donev, PhD, Aleksandra Deanoska – Trendafilova, Elena Ignovska from Macedonia and Zoran Todorovik, PhD, from Serbia presented their work. The second session was actively attended by Jana Chernova from Russia, Kostas Teologlu, PhD, from Greece, Zeljko Kaludjerovic, PhD, from Serbia and Denko Skalovski, PhD, from Macedonia.

The Fourth International Philosophical Dialogue “EAST – WEST” ended in The Urania House.

The last session of the dialogue was held on October 6th with the speeches of Darija Rupcik Kelam, PhD, Amir Muzur, PhD, and Associate Iva Runcik from Croatia, Michael George from Canada, Associate Evangelos Protopapadakis, PhD, from Greece, Bardil Cipi, PhD, from Albania and Trajche Stojanov, PhD, from Macedonia.

The theme of the symposium was “Bioethics at the crossroads” and was organized by the International Slavic University “G.R. Derzhavin”, the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Philosophical Society of Macedonia.