Main Topics

Law and Political Science

  1. Theory and history of state and law, constitutional law
  2. Civil law, civil and arbitration process
  3. Criminal law and procedure
  4. Administrative law and public administration
  5. International public law, EU law and diplomacy
  6. Finances and business law
  7. Human rights and liberties: problems of theory and practice
  8. “East-West” in the context of the contemporary political process
  9. Peace and democratic society
  10. Politics and the mass media


  1. Industry 4.0 – Smart factories
  2. Cryptocurrencies versus the traditional banking model
  3. Fiscal system and the new practices in accounting standards and audit
  4. Economic and political perspectives of the global economy
  5. Digital marketing and commerce
  6. Labor market and human resources management
  7. Organizational management
  8. Finance and credit
  9. Microeconomics and macroeconomics
  10. Business ethics

Psychology and Education

  1. Family psychology, marriage, partnership, parenting
  2. Developmental challenges of different life cycles
  3. Psychology of health and illness
  4. Mental disorders – assessment and treatment
  5. Psychology of education
  6. Formal, informal, non-formal education and lifelong learning
  7. Personality psychology
  8. Psychological counseling and psychotherapy
  9. Mental health in conditions of dynamic social and technological changes
  10. Psychology as a science and a profession

Philosophy, Linguistics and Culturology

  1. Philosophy, culture and shaping the view of the world
  2. Ethics and History of Philosophy
  3. Self, community and nature in the world philosophy
  4. Philosophy of Education and Philosophy in Education
  5. Literature, language and culture
  6. Intercultural communication
  7. Linguistics – concepts, problems and challenges
  8. Plurilingualism and contemporary language policies
  9. Foreign Language Education in the Digital Age
  10. Psychology of language

Safety Engineering and Computer Science

  1. Legal acts about work and fire safety
  2. Risk prevention
  3. Implementation of EU directives in the field of safety at work and fire safety
  4. Industrial hygiene and waste management
  5. Occupational emergency response and crisis management
  6. Information and communication technologies
  7. Cyber security and information technology
  8. Algorithms and bioinformatics
  9. Robotics and artificial intelligence
  10. Platforms for e-learning, e-management and e-business